Helping You Understand the People Side of Project Management

How to achieve team buy-in, team accountability, and predictable project timelines

After nearly 30 years of consulting for some of the world’s most influential—and complex—businesses, Clint Padgett has seen it all in the world of project management. His first book, The Project Success Method laid out the nuts-and-bolts advice managers needed to enhance their project success approach.

With his latest work, How Teams Triumph: Managing by Commitment, Padgett explores a realization that reframed all the practical wisdom he’d spent his career accumulating: there was a significant gap between the technical expertise of developing a project and the softer skills needed to move the project along. The “secret sauce”, as Padgett sees it, is prioritizing conversation to break down silos.

Before the measurable aspects of any project, Clint’s philosophy starts with building the right teams around trust and personal accountability, rather than micromanagement. In Clint’s view, projects are holistic, not discrete parts completed in a vacuum and combined at the end.

It’s in this people-first ethos that Padgett’s expertise shines through. Projects in the end, are completed by people, and without the right team and right approach, the same shortcomings that plague most projects will persist.

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With Clint Padgett’s help you will learn how to:

  • Use the tools in your toolkit to develop a strong, communicative team
  • Gather the right team
  • Help your team develop relationships that will foster accountability
  • Plan for the Known Unknowns then Deal with the Unknown Unknowns
  • Effectively use your team to exercise project control
  • Support your team without micromanaging them
  • Communicate like a Person, Not an Emoji
  • Work with Geographically Dispersed Teams... Down the Street or Across the World

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